Sunday, June 14, 2015

So far away

Some seven or eight years ago, was when we first noticed. Mom was starting to slip. At first it's stuff you can rationalize, and put down to just a brief lapse, or just mild forgetfulness. But then patterns start to emerge. Repetition, forgetting things more regularly. Then it moves on to false memories, and paranoia, and frankly some serious OCD behaviors. Anyway, this morning was just a new sad chapter. Last night I told her I'd take her to church this morning. So I called to see if she was ready. No, I'm thinking maybe she's in the shower. A few minutes later she calls back. Convinced she's calling me from the hospital. No amount of explaining that she was calling me from her phone would dissuade her. What kind of unholy terrors have to be going through the remnants of her mind?

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