Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All You Need Is Love (And Bounty Paper Towels)

My new boy is trying to make any stock holders of Bounty richer. He's an old guy, who legend has it was raised in a barn. As such, the finer points of being house trained escape him. On the downside, I clean up about five puddles a day. He's deaf as a post, his sense of smell sucks, and frankly he doesn't see all that well. Oh, and his back legs are blown out, so all he can really do is shuffle. Oh, and he's on drugs. Lots of them. On the upside, he follows me everywhere (except when he sneaks down the hall to pee in the kitchen), he is remarkably stoic, he's a good looking little beggar, he provides me with some humor trying to figure out what he will or won't eat. For example, don't give him Canidae. Turns his nose up at it. Same with braunschwieger. On the other hand, I found this Evanger's stuff and he loves that, as well as pepperoni. And blue cheese. Anyway, if anyone wants to meet him, I think I'm going to take him and his bed to corgi fun day with me on Saturday. It isn't like he'll stress out, he probably won't even notice!

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